Special Educational Needs and Disability.  

We strongly believe that all our learners have gifts and talents. Pupils can have varying levels of specific educational needs that we aim to cater for whether that be from extra support to meet age related expectations or to challenge and extend learning to work at a greater depth. All our learners have well-planned and differentiated learning journeys that provide opportunities to challenge and extend every pupil to develop knowledge and increase confidence. Pupils benefit from our extra support and encouragement within the bespoke sessions which guide them towards achieving their full academic potential. 

"We can already see a difference after just a few sessions"

Parent of a Little Learners Education pupil. 

Dyslexia Support Programme.

Children with dyslexia make better progress with a specific type of reading teaching strategy. At Little Learners Education we use a multi-sensory method, considered to be the 'gold standard' when it comes to teaching reading to children with dyslexia. Our programme is based on core ideas which take a very structured approach. They also use hearing, touch, movement and sight to make language connections.

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"It's important to understand dyslexia is not a disability - quite the opposite. It is simply a different way of thinking."